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Playstation Awards 2018 Will Be Held On December 3

PlayStation Awards is a festival that honors hit works among titles released in PlayStation format. It began in 1995 when the PlayStation was born and will be held 24th this year. To the fans, a contact point with the winning title was born as a trigger from the PlayStation Awards, and it would be greatly appreciated to the opportunity for game creators to share the hot feelings put in that work.

PlayStation Awards was held every year since the birth of PlayStation, it will be the 24th this year and it will be held on December 3, 2018 at Grand Prince Hotel New Takanawa Kunun Ru, Japan, Asia. The award ceremony will be live broadcast on YouTube Live.

In honor of creator’s creative activities this year also, Gold Prize and Platinum Prize will be added to awards. Other awards include PlayStation Network Award, User’s Choice Award, PlayStation VR Awards, and Indie & Developer Award.