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Battle Royale Trainer Walkthrough and Gameplay Part 1 to 2

Battle Royale Trainer is a unique FPS simulator from Trickjump Games. It allows you practice your combat skills with a wide range of weapons, scopes and attachments against AI opponents and targets, honing your skills until you can snap-shoot, control recoil and head-shot your opponents at any distance like a pro.

Choose your loadout from a wide range of carefully modelled weaponry including assault rifles, sniper rifles, SMGs and shotguns. Fully rebindable controls let you quickly and easily change and test your setup in a controlled environment. Advanced AI options such as reaction time and accuracy, or choose from a range of preset difficulty levels to gradually improve.

Train on three different scenarios: Urban combat, Woodland sniping and an advanced Firing Range with magnified target view. The game features accurate hit-tracking with statistics to see where your shots are landing. Fully modelled bullet physics with accurate bullet-drop and travel time help you practice your sniper skills. If you get stuck in the game, check out the video walkthrough and gameplay for the game.

Battle Royale Trainer Walkthrough Part 1:

Battle Royale Trainer Walkthrough Part 2: