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Emergency HQ Walkthrough Part 11 to 15

Emergency HQ is a free rescue strategy game from Promotion Software GmbH. You’re in charge of managing the rescue efforts of four branches of rescue services. It’s your job to keep everyone alive during every incident you respond to. Command firefighters, doctors, engineers and many other units in thrilling real time missions.

Build your own base and put together the perfect emergency team. Use all the Fire Department, Rescue Service, Police Department and Technical units to master the many exciting missions. Your team has the right tools to handle the situation, if your skills as a manager are sufficient.

Send police to catch criminals, take injured people to hospital with EMTs and send a fireman to extinguish a blazing fire. You will need all your skill to keep all of the victims of various accidents alive. The game features varied and challenging missions on detailed maps resulting. If you get stuck in the game, check out the video walkthrough and gameplay for the game.

Emergency HQ Walkthrough Walkthrough Part 11 – Traffic Accident And Fight:

Emergency HQ Walkthrough Walkthrough Part 12 – Cars Plunge Into River:

Emergency HQ Walkthrough Walkthrough Part 13 – K9 Unlocked Faulty Railroad Gate:

Emergency HQ Walkthrough Walkthrough Part 14 – K9 Downtown Tanker Fire:

Emergency HQ Walkthrough Walkthrough Part 15 – Derailed Trains:

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