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Top 4 Fastest Way to Earn Money in Read Dead Redemption 2 Online

Money can be used to unlock new weapons, gear, consumables and even every item, and it is the key to success in Red Dead Redemption 2 Online, as the game comes with a stingy economy mechanics. Looting enemy is only giving a few cents in the game, there is no way to buy any expensive weapons. It is still possible to earn a lot of money in the game, here comes the best way to make money fast in the game.

  1. Treasure Maps
    Treasure maps can lead you to chests, which will have up to $100 inside. Each map will feed you about $50-100, plus a bit of gold and some other trinkets. You will get a Treasure Map right away when you start playing the game and another when you hit level ten. You could find more by raiding a Bandit Camp. The leaders of the camp will sometimes offer you a Treasure Map at random. Treasure maps can also be found on the bodies of bandits while looting. If you find a Bandit Camp in the wild, definitely shake it down.
  2. Multiplayer Playlists
    There are three multiplayer playlists at the moment – Race Series, Showdown Series, and Showdown Series Large. You will get $4-10 for each round you complete, with most rounds lasting around 10 minutes.
  3. Hunting
    If you are familiar with the single player economy, hunting will be the most efficient way to make money. You will need a solid weapon to take down the bigger and better animals for selling, and it will surely cost some money. If you are an experienced player with a nice rifle, hunting will be a good way to reliably earn money. You can earn about $5 per trip with perfect deer pelts.
  4. Story Mission On-Call
    Completing story missions is a decent way to earn an income. Complete the bonus requirements of missions to earn a bit more as well. You can view the breakdown of how your mission is evaluated in the Log section of the menu. If you queue up for Story Mission On-Call, you will be entered into matchmaking with other random players who need help finishing a story mission.