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Idle Harbor Tycoon – Incremental Clicker Game Walkthrough and Gameplay

Idle Harbor Tycoon is a unique simulator developed by Codigames. Build your own harbor, buy new boats, yachts, and ships. Research new transportation technologies to become the best harbor tycoon in the world. Take care of your passengers and offer them the best sea voyage. Happy tourists bring in more money to develop new improvements for your dock and fleet. Upgrade the pier facilities and services to create the most popular harbor.

Create a business strategy that will help your transportation business thrive while keeping passengers happy and increasing profit. Make sure to invest in your research department as it will help you to improve the port services and make it the most popular harbor among tourists. Hire the best sailors, and captains for your boats, and ships, and convince passengers to start their trips, and cruises from your port.

Decide which new services to make available and buy new boats, and ships to improve your fleet and docks. Unlock new designs and bigger boats to earn more money. Upgrade your small pier into a huge dock and conquer the sea. If you get stuck in the game, check out the video walkthrough and gameplay for the game.