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Math Puzzles Answers and Solutions Puzzle 11 to 20

If you like logical testing or math exercise you may like Math Puzzles, it is an addictive math puzzle game from AppLabs. Your goal is to find patterns hidden in the puzzle and get the right answer for each puzzle.

There are 75 challenging puzzles in the game, each brain teaser offers a different and unique challenge which forces you to think in unconventional way. Some of the levels may be hard, you need to use your logical thinking, observation skills, mathematical knowledge, and out of the box thinking.

Here comes the answers for all the 75 puzzles, feel free to check them out if you get stuck in the game.

Puzzle 11 Question:

Answer: 212

Puzzle 12 Question:

Answer: 3011

Puzzle 13 Question:

Answer: 14

Puzzle 14 Question:

Answer: 16

Puzzle 15 Question:

Answer: 1

Puzzle 16 Question:

Answer: 2

Puzzle 17 Question:

Answer: 44

Puzzle 18 Question:

Answer: 45

Puzzle 19 Question:

Answer: 625

Puzzle 20 Question:

Answer: 1