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TO-FU OH!Fire Walkthrough and Gameplay

TO-FU OH!Fire is an awesome education game from Smart Education. TO-FU island is on fire here and there because of the troublesome aliens. Hop in the fire truck and go to the site as fast as you can.

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After you’ve accomplished your mission, drive all around TO-FU Island freely and explore. If you see a funny looking cactus, hose it watch it turn gigantic and make sure to rush through the scary tunnel real fast because there are ghosts in it. When you see a huge rock rolling towards you, jump off the waterfall. You can paint the town by firing colored water balls, just the way you like.

You will not only be able to learn the work of a fire fighter but also make their own discoveries. Through this, you will enjoy the fun of searching for new adventures and making up your own play, open up your inner power to be creative. If you get stuck in the game, check out the video walkthrough and gameplay for the game.