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Utopia: Origin Walkthrough – How to Get Fire Horse

The Fire Horse, aka Flame Horse or Red Horse, has a speed of around 7500 to 8000, and load of 30 to 35. Here we will show you how to tame the fire horse.

To get the fire horse, we need to prepare Wheat feed + Chili feed + Quality meat.

First, gather 100 wheat.

Next, gather 100 chili. It is not easy to find chili because some players are camping at the chili spawn. You could find some chili here:

For quality meat, you could kill some snow wolf or lizards.

Then cook Wheat feed + Chili feed + Quality meat to get the saddle.

Finally, bring the finished saddle and search for the fire horse, they are usually found here:

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If you find a fire horse, stun them with the wooden weapon, and feed them till love pops up.