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Timespinner Metroidvania RPG Review and Gameplay

Timespinner comes with beautiful 16-bit styled pixel art, from the screen-filling bosses to the unique environments. It borrows a lot from Castlevania: Symphony of the Night and mixes things up with having time travel, time manipulation and storytelling.

You will play as Lunais, a gifted young woman who has been training to be a timekeeper in case her village is found by the sinister Lachiem Empire. A timekeeper can use the Timespinner to remove themselves from existence and can therefore travel back in time to warn the village of impending disasters. The cost is great, but the village has been hiding and on the run for generations, keeping their timekeepers trained and the Timespinner safe.

Quest items didn’t always drop easily, leading to repeated slaughter of specific monsters until they eventually discharged the promised loot. Progression is made by defeating bosses and finding new abilities to add to your arsenal of traversal. Lunais gains many interesting and powerful upgrades throughout the adventure. This leads to backtracking on old areas to access previously inaccessible rooms or treasures.

Many types of orbs are scattered throughout the world and level up as you use them in battle. These orbs take the place of more traditional weapons, and are a welcome change. Lunais can be outfitted with a helmet, armor and two accessories. Finding more powerful treasure as you explore.

The game starts off simple, and evolves into a deep gameplay experience with a rich story. There are so many details packed into the history of the world and thoughtful design choices regarding the characters. If you get stuck in the game, check out the video walkthrough and review for the game.

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