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Color Bump 3D Walkthrough and Guide Level 21 to 40

Color Bump 3D is a unique arcade game by Good Job Games. You will act as a sphere, and your goal is to bump only the white objects in 3D. Do not touch other colors, or you will shatter into tiny pieces. The concept is simple, but it is very hard to complete each level.

Use the objects to shield yourself when applicable. Smaller objects are easy enough to push where you want, but larger ones require a bit more dexterity and fast reactions. In some stages, making your sphere go straight up in a line can be the best strategy, so just taking your finger off the screen.

You can move in every direction – up, down, right, and left. Don’t restrict yourself into thinking you have to move at a certain speed through the stages. If you want to jump over obstacles in front of you, swipe a quick line up behind your ball with boost power.

Rushing will almost end in disaster, especially in later stages. Keep your sphere steady and slowly weave your way through the trickier passages. The game features over 100 various levels. If you get stuck in the game, check out the video walkthrough and gameplay for the game.

Color Bump 3D Walkthrough Level 21 to 25:

Color Bump 3D Walkthrough Level 26 to 30:

Color Bump 3D Walkthrough Level 31 to 35:

Color Bump 3D Walkthrough Level 36 to 40: