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Tennis Manager 2019 Walkthrough and Gameplay

Tennis Manager 2019 is a unique sports simulator from Rebound CG. Become the best tennis manager ever. Build your own tennis academy, find the next tennis super star and make him climb the worldwide ranking. Create your team to join the Tennis Live Arena. Challenge the best managers worldwide in real time matches.

Develop facilities such as your training center, your youth camp, your sponsors and medias area. Hire the best staff members: sparring partner, assistant coach, fitness trainer, doctor, agent. Choose the next top young tennis player from your tennis academy and make him climb the worldwide ranking.

Manage your player’s entire career plan from tournament schedule to sponsorship deals and media appearance. Plan training sessions to improve his skills. Develop tactics and strategies to win matches and tournaments. Push the appropriate instruction at the right time to make the difference on the turning points. If you get stuck in the game, check out the video walkthrough and gameplay for the game.