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Spicy Piggy Walkthrough and Guide World 1 to 5

Spicy Piggy is an awesome action game from Nitrome. Blast passed hardcore enemies, tackle tricky platforms, be the chili eating contest victor. Set a world beating time and test your reactions while literally on fire. Succeed and you will be rewarded with some refreshing Cool-Aid.

The game features exciting worlds containing Killer Robots, Terrifying Trees and Sadistic Soft Toys. You will find loads of challenging levels in the game. If you get stuck in the game, check out the video walkthrough and gameplay for the game.

Spicy Piggy Walkthrough World 1 – Fiendish Forest:

Spicy Piggy Walkthrough World 2 – Robo Reckoning:

Spicy Piggy Walkthrough World 3 – Dusty Desert:

Spicy Piggy Walkthrough World 4 – Tricky Toyland:

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Spicy Piggy Walkthrough World 5 – The Boneyard:

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