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This Merchant Life Walkthrough and Guide Part 1 to 4

This Merchant Life is a trading strategy game by Inexplicable Games, set in the troubled medieval kingdom of Peregrine. Turn a rickety wooden cart, two horses and a few coins into a thriving entrepreneurial triumph. Recruit mercenaries and heroes to help protect your caravan as you travel the bandit-haunted roads.

Buy and sell goods across an array of towns and cities with dynamic prices. Upgrade your trade cart and horses to improve speed, carrying capacity and more. Make decisions across a wide variety of randomised events in choose your own adventure style. Command your mercenary protectors in turn-based battles against wild animals, hostile people and worse.

Complete missions to earn coins and reputation. Unlock useful skills through leveling your character. Gain reputation and bonuses through funding projects and constructions within each settlement. Meet monthly goals and establish a set of guild houses across the kingdom. If you get stuck in the game, check out the video walkthrough and gameplay for the game.

This Merchant Life Walkthrough Part 1 – First Look:

This Merchant Life Walkthrough Part 2 – Combat:

This Merchant Life Walkthrough Part 3 – Flee:

This Merchant Life Walkthrough Part 4 – 5k: