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Beat Cop Walkthrough and Guide All 21 Parts

Beat Cop is an amazing adventure game from 11 bit studios. Explore the darkest corners of New York and uncover its secrets as Jack Kelly, a former detective who has been framed for a murder. Degraded and forgotten by old pals, it’s your last chance to find the truth behind this whole terrible mess. Someone framed you and no one cares about this but you. Turn every stone in this city and find out who did that. The further you investigate the more missing puzzles you’ll find, but be careful. Some things should never be brought to daylight.

As a police officer you have access to a few useful items. Your belt contains a watch, a radio, a set of tickets, handcuffs, revolver and a notepad. The watch shows how much time to the end of the shift remains. The radio will be used automatically whenever Jack needs to report something during a conversation. Your basic weapon during the shift is the tickets. Kelly will pull them out automatically once you finish watching the car and select the option to issue a ticket. Handcuffs can be used only when you chase a petty criminal. Once you are near him, a green handcuff icon will appear above him. Select the handcuffs from your belt and you will see arrest animation. The notebook is your personal encyclopedia.

There are many interesting places across the street. You can visit them and sometimes you will have to observe them.

607 – BUTIQUEnal boutique and Hard Rick Cafe. You will have a few tasks to do there.

609 – Louie’s pizzeria. Here you will find mob members that will give you tasks. You can also eat tasty pizza that will regenerate your stamina.

621 – Krank’s pharmacy. The German will frequently help you by providing specific drugs for specific tasks.

627 – Moonwalk. You can count on free breakfast and lunch if your relations with citizens is good. You can also eat afternoon dinner here.

629 – Church. You can provide a contribution for the mob or the Crew in order to improve your relations with them.

631 – Harry’s laundry and doughnut shop Makefat You’Butts. You will come here mostly for free doughnuts.

633 – Hi-Fi shop with various TVs, radios etc. You can meet Jerran, the leader of the local black gang. Many crew members can be found here, they can give you interesting tasks.

Tasks, Activities, and Events:

Day 1 – The captain will meet with you during the day and will be eager to help. He can clear your name if you find the diamonds before three weeks pass.

Day 2 – You will be informed about a visit of your old colleague. Visit Rick’s in 607. Yablonski will try to help you with the case.

Day 6 – A Crew member will tell you to contact someone from the DEA. He will also tell you that the Crew isn’t responsible for it. You must quickly use the phone booth so that this opportunity won’t pass.

Day 9 – You will be called to a corpse next to the workshop. You will quickly learn that the dead man was the brother of Fat Mike. Once you finish the conversation with the coroner, speak to the homeless man. He will point you to the wife of the victim. The woman is Miss Hooks in 615/6. She won’t be able to talk to you and will ask you to meet her the next day.

Day 10 – Miss Hooks won’t be home today, but you can visit her the next day. Start your investigation and ask all shopkeepers about Lester. Each of them will tell you something about him. Yablonski will want to speak to you today as well. Go to the closest phone booth. You will learn that your daughter Dina wants to meet with you at 2 PM at the pizza place. A reporter will come there as well. She will be very interested in delivering justice to the senator and she will offer her help whenever you obtain some info.

Day 11 – Today Miss Hooks will invite you to her flat. She will tell you about Lester’s life. You will learn about a new person that can have more information, Angie. You should ask all shopkeepers about her.

Day 13 – one of the gangsters will have some good news. Angie appeared in your area and is waiting in the Pawn Shop. Speak to her and you will learn some new things. She will ask you to meet her in two days in 633/7.

Day 15 – Go to Angie’s home at the end of the street and call 633/7. No one will answer, so call her neighbors – 6 and 8. Then enter the pawn shop and ask about Angie. A dead end. However, Yablonski will want to speak with you. Go to the phone booth and listen to what he has to say.

Day 16 – you will receive a call to 633/7 about cats making noise. It’s Angie’s home. There you will find her and her friend’s body. Go to the pawn shop and inform the Crew what happened.

Day 17 – If you call Yablonski, you will have a new lead. He will tell you that he located the second burglar, whose name is Terrance. Go to Rick’s diner and use the password “Welles”. Now go to the liquor store. The Russians will give you a mathematic riddle. The flat in which you can find Terrance is 621/6. You will learn that he has the second item from the vault. It’s a videotape of the Senator and Angie and their intimate relation. He will give you the evidence for 500$ the next day in Rick’s diner.

Day 18 – Visit Rick’s diner to get the tape from Terrance. You can pay 500$ or take the tape and let him leave or arrest him. Sadly, he won’t have the diamonds. Check what’s on the tape in Froggy’s shop on 613. Now you will be able to use the tape at right time.

Day 20 – Several people will speak to you and tell you why you should give the tape to them.

Day 21 – In the afternoon you will have an opportunity to deliver the tape to the person you choose. At the end of the day you will watch the ending.