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Banatoon 2: Jurassic World Walkthrough with All Endings

Banatoon 2: Jurassic World is an awesome simulator by Seeplay Inc. Ride the time machine with Banatoon and travel the world of dinosaurs. Danger lurks in every corner of the terrifying dinosaur world, but all adventures with Banatoon consists of fun and laughter.

When you are facing dinosaurs, you could choose to fight with them or escape to survive. With the help of a little flying genius you can flyin the sky, but don’t forget that there are dinosaurs who can fly. You can attack them with the provided magic power. Some dinosaurs are terrible, you can turn yourself into a stone-still tree, but likely you may be found and eaten by the monster dinosaur.

The game provides various of tools, this makes the game interesting and you will get several different endings in the game, although survive is still a very hard thing. Dinosaurs are not always your enemies, you can make friends with them if you help them rescue their eggs, and then they will surely help you.