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Numberblocks – Hide and Seek Walkthrough and Gameplay

Numberblocks – Hide and Seek is an awesome education game developed by Blue Zoo. It helps your child get to grips with addition, number bonds and other key number skills. Find the hidden Numberblocks, add them together and see what happens. Every time you get to Ten, you win something new to play with.

Tap on the Numberblocks when they poke their heads out. When you have found two Numberblocks, drag one on top of the other to start the number magic. Predict what will happen when you add them together. Keep finding more Numberblocks and adding them on until you make a Ten.

As you keep playing, the sums get gradually harder and the Numberblocks try out new number shapes. This helps children get better at recognising amounts on sight. Keep going to fill the park with playthings. After discovering all 20, you can restart the game and play again. If you get stuck in the game, check out the video walkthrough and gameplay for the game.